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Do you

  • love to interact and talk with ambitious, driven entrepreneurs from the world’s best software companies who are pushing the limits with technology and innovation?
  • have a solid track record working with clients and getting results? 

If so, then read on!

Who are we?

Dan Martell is an award-winning entrepreneur and investor who has founded multiple companies. He was named Canada’s top angel investor and he's completed over 40+ investments with amazing companies like Udemy, Intercom, and Unbounce. 

The Dan Martell | SaaS Academy Team is on a mission to help Software as a Service (SaaS) companies grow to new heights through world-class coaching and training.

What’s the gig? 

  • Help support our clients transform their software businesses to the next level of growth. 
  • Work 1-on-1 with clients to help them fine-tune their work
  • Join an amazing team and help us build our amazing global community.

Who exactly are we looking for?

  • Top-notch high performing Strategic Coach, that always puts the customer first.
  • You can both demonstrate and coach our founders on the power of focus and you embody growth stacking over growth hacking.

In short, does this sound like you?

  • You genuinely care. You don't just feel like you care, you show you care. Your client’s success is yours, and so is their failure. You bust a gut to help clients win.
  • You're proactive. You don’t wait, you take the initiative. You ask. You act. You look for ways to do more than expected.
  • You show integrity. You protect our Intellectual Property. Every action you take is 100% legal, ethical, and would make you proud if you saw it on the 6 o’clock news.
  • You're confident. Clients look to us for guidance and leadership. You’re a great communicator and a confident coach.
  • You're a team player. We’re not looking for rockstar performers, so much as rock-solid team-mates. You’ll work closely with our support team and the coaching team to help build the training, tools, and resources clients need most.
  • You’ll pitch in at SaaS Academy events. You’ll notice when your team-mates could use some support, and you’ll offer to help.
  • You've got energy to burn. You lead with your energy. You meet people where they’re at, and you leave them two levels higher.
  • You Make It Better. Most of all, you’ll be committed to delivering a world-class coaching experience for our SaaS Academy clients. You’ll be comfortable driving change. Not just for our clients, but help us constantly improve the way we deliver for our clients. (We’ll expect you to raise issues or challenges as you see them, and actively participate in creating solutions.)
  • You take ownership. You take ownership, accountability, and responsibility. (There’s no blame, excuses, or denial around here.)
  • You show up like a pro. You represent SaaS Academy to the world. You look and sound great on Facebook, on Zoom, and in person 
  • You follow-through. You keep your word: When you say you’ll do something, it gets done.

What will you do?

  • You’ll coach tech founders to set their course to success for the next 12 months and beyond by helping to solidify their vision, sequence priorities and remove roadblocks.
  • You’ll be responsible for helping SaaS Academy clients understand how their priorities leverage our marketing, sales and delivery strategies. 
  • You’ll build accountability with clients so that they apply the learning and deliver their own results because of their access to you, the community and the rest of the coaching team.
  • You’ll work 1-on-1 with clients to help them fine-tune their work by helping them see through the complexity to what is possible to achieve their vision.
  • You’ll occasionally help deliver group training and coaching sessions, and you’ll help us build our amazing global community.

  • You don’t need to know how everything works here at SaaS Academy before applying. We’ll train you on our core content, and our approach to coaching clients.
  • You’ll want to be comfortable and happy working online (using tools like Zoom & Slack). 
  • You will be expected to drive your own learning, and learn quickly. Once you’re up to speed — we think it will take 2-3 months — you’ll be working independently with clients. It's a significant effort so be sure you’re ready to commit.

This could be a part-time role, 2 or 3 days a week, built around your schedule. You'll be supporting our coaching clients all over the world, so we might need to talk about timezones. We're flexible, and your work can be too.

Why you? 

You have:

  • A solid track record working with clients and getting results.
  • A coaching background as a CEO / Ex. Leader or formal coaching experience
  • Strong communication skills, strategic thinking skills and stay up to date on new business & coaching strategies
  • Flexible work schedules and have experience delivering online
  • You understand the difference between growth stacking vs growth hacking. We’re in this for the long run.
  • Personal development built into your day, week and year
  • An abundance mindset
  • A drive to help others transform their business and life! 

Like what you see?

If you’re thinking: “This is totally me!” then be sure to apply below.

Even if you’re thinking: “This definitely could be me!” apply below, anyways — we love diverse and non-traditional backgrounds.

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We can’t wait to meet you!

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